Quality Programs

CES maintains a rigorous Quality Assurance Program to govern all phases of the services we provide to our customers. These Quality Programs ensure quick, accurate results and ensure turn-key support from work procedure development to final examination.

CES provides QA/QC services to complement our machining and welding projects. Our Quality Assurance Program is comprised of the “Quality Assurance Program” (QAP), “General Quality Procedures” (GQP) and the “Welding Control Program” (WCP).

CES’ program has successfully been audited through the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) and Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) for the nuclear industry. The QAP establishes an effective quality management system to satisfy the needs of CES’ customers, while protecting the integrity of tasks completed on systems and components.

Quality assurance is a major priority at CES. All of our technicians are subjected to a rigorous qualification program, which is why our customers enjoy total confidence in every project we do for them – no matter how complex the assignment or how challenging the environment.

The Quality Assurance Program allows CES to support projects with nondestructive examination services to include:

  • RT – Radiographic inspection
  • UT – Ultrasonic testing
  • PT – Liquid (dye) penetrant inspection
  • MT – Magnetic particle inspection
  • VT – Visual inspection

Our compliant ASME Section IX Welding Program is composed of:

  • Welding control procedures
  • General welding standards
  • Welding procedure specifications and supporting procedure qualification records
  • Welder/welding operator performance qualification records
  • Welding engineering support for procedure design and development

CES holds ASME and National Board Inspection Code accreditations for:

“S” — Authorizes the manufacture and assembly of Power Boilers.
“U” — Authorizes the manufacture of Pressure Vessels.
“R” — Authorizes repair/alteration of boiler & pressure vessels that are already in service.
“PP” — Fabrication and assembly of pressure piping at various locations.